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The Funky Spanner

This is a re-design of the original Milli-grip, that has been on sale for some time now.
The main thing about the Milli-grip is the patented ratchet system – it uses a toothed block that engages with the teeth on the back of the sliding jaw. This means that once you set it to the desired size, it will not gradually open up as you use it – like worm-drive spanners do.

This was a recent job through Gordon Brand Design – we think it’s pretty cool.

Tinderbox Designs:- You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Tinderbox Designs is a full service CAD modelling/product design consultancy based in Southern England.

Tinderbox is an alliance between Gordon Brand and Rory Niles. Together we have a wealth of experience in the design industry, so we thought it was about time to get out there and show the world what we can do!

We offer everything from concept sketching and hand-rendered visuals to 3D parametric solid modeling in SolidWorks (the best selling 3D design software on the market) and prototyping Рfrom SLA models to 5 axis CNC machining of wood, polymers and composites.

At the moment we are based in separate locations – Gordon is in Horsham, West Sussex, whilst Rory is based in Poole.

You can contact us via the email addresses at the top of the page.

Or by¬†phone: –
Rory 0771 7716473 (please leave a message)
Gordon 07768 004035