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Spida Fixings Animation


This video was done quite a while ago for Adhesion Technologies – the parts have been very slightly changed in the final production versions, but it shows the idea.
They now do a completely flat version of the base which is better for over-moulding.

They also add their own proprietary Admax™ surface treatment to make the strongest possible bond between metal and polymer.

Spida Fixings website

There will be a whole load of other innovative products coming out of Adhesion Technologies – so keep watching!

Bolts, but not just any bolts!

At last, we can finally reveal what Rory has been doing for the last few years – bolts!
Yes, special bolts.
For composites in fact – carbon fibre, glass fibre, Kevlar – if you make products from any of those (or anything similar) you need these fixings!
For Marine, Automotive, Aerospace and many more applications.
Just click this link: – Spida Fixings

Initial Range on multi-laminate

The Funky Spanner

This is a re-design of the original Milli-grip, that has been on sale for some time now.
The main thing about the Milli-grip is the patented ratchet system – it uses a toothed block that engages with the teeth on the back of the sliding jaw. This means that once you set it to the desired size, it will not gradually open up as you use it – like worm-drive spanners do.

This was a recent job through Gordon Brand Design – we think it’s pretty cool.