CAD Modelling / Product Design Services

Good People to Know…

Through the course of our daily business at Tinderbox Designs, we meet many people with different areas of expertise, so we thought we should spread the word about some of the best.
All of the companies on this page are (in our opinion) “Good People to Know” – if you need their services, then tell them we sent you!

Gordon has had a few dealings in the past with a gentleman by the name of Peter Finnie at
Gill, Jennings and Every LLP (UK Patent Protection Firm of the Year 2010) – known as GJE for short. Having met with Peter and his associate Jack Cundy myself, I can wholeheartedly recommend their services for any intellectual property protection that you may need.

Some more people worthy of mention are Paragon Rapid Technologies Ltd. They offer a wide range of prototyping services from SLS models to silicone mouldings to CNC milling in aluminium.

There is a whole team of good people at Solid Solutions Management Ltd, that is the reason why they are the biggest and the best provider of SolidWorks 3D CAD software in the UK.  I know many of them personally and let me tell you, the amount of knowledge their technical guys have is second to none – that’s a fact verified by SolidWorks themselves.
Their sales team will be only too happy to talk to you!

 (The graphics on this page are renderings of a design created by myself in SolidWorks – in case you were wondering.)

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