CAD Modelling / Product Design Services

About TinderBox Designs – the CAD/Design service you need

Tinderbox Designs is an alliance of Gordon Brand and Rory Niles,
with the aim of providing a high quality CAD modelling and/or design service at a reasonable price.

We use SolidWorks, the best selling 3D parametric CAD system on the market.
From this we can do 3d rendered visuals, 2d engineering drawings, animations even finite element stress analysis.

Do we know our stuff?

Yes, Gordon has been teaching product design at university level for many years
– he has also been a SolidWorks user for 7 years with many successful projects under his belt.

Rory has been teaching SolidWorks for the top UK SolidWorks re-seller for nearly 10 years now,
he is a certified SolidWorks Expert and has also been conducting his own private work for years.

Amongst other things Rory helped a start-up company to get not one, but two grants from NATEP
(the National Aerospace Technology Programme) – it was the first company to ever achieve this.
That company is now just starting mass production of its first product.

You can reach us using these numbers: –

Gordon Brand: – 07768 004035

Rory Niles: – 0771 7716473

Or these email addresses: –

Gordon: –

Rory: –